Asheville Cinema Festival is an annual event that takes place every year in Asheville in North Carolina.

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We are very lucky that a number of sponsors have agreed to sponsor the event this year. Sponsors are very important for successfully conducting the event.

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The Asheville Cinema Festival brings all the renowned filmmakers and entertainment people in one place.

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Asheville Cinema Festival

Asheville Cinema Festival is now in its 15th year. It premiers the best in current cinema.Throughout this 4-day event, there will be about 40 film showings, and award ceremony that the film lovers will enjoy. It is a place where the filmmakers and the film lovers get a chance to interact with one another. You will see celebrities moving around with delicious cocktails on their hands.

There will be an opening night where you will have non-stop fun and food. You will be able to make lots of friends too. The event is going to take place from 3rd June to 6th June, 2016 at Masonic Temples, North Carolina.

It cultivates cultural understanding in Hollywood and promotes independent filmmakers. With the generous support from our sponsors, this annual film festival inspires people of all backgrounds. It creates an opportunity to demonstrate one’s talent and creativity. Asheville Cinema Festival takes great pride in recognizing international talent. Strong emphasis is given on the filmmaker’s artistic vision, social understanding and cultural diversity. The filmmakers try to provide unique stories of human spirit through documentaries, short films and films.

There will be a few workshops on film making conducted by established filmmakers. The event will end with the Award ceremony and a closing night party. So, come and join this wonderful film festival in Asheville this year.

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Joseph HarroldIf you are a film enthusiast then you will love this fun filled place where various talented artists gather to display their talents. So, book your ticket for the Asheville Cinema Festival today.